Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boy am I Behind :)

My baby girl playing basketball for the Climax-Scotts 8th grade girls team (she's number 51). This is from one of her games early last week. These girls are awesome ball players........look out high school next fall!! :) I never would have thought that out of our 5 kids, my baby girl would be the sports nut :) She really does enjoy playing ball and is looking forward to softball in the spring/summer. On another note, it is our middle son's 26th Birthday today! Happy Birthday Charlie! We love you!! Hope you are having a great day, even if you do have to work on your birthday! I have managed to finish 2 article reviews and a rough draft of my cause and effect English Comp. paper in the past week. Doesn't seem like March should be nearly here already. This semester of school is going by rather fast for me! Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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